Diecast Cars Guide

Diecast Cars Guide

Car enthusiasts love to collect diecast model cars and it’s a great way for them to be the owner of a car model they love. Buying a vehicle is not always financially viable and when you want to own collectibles for automotive history, a detailed replica is the best way to do it.

This origin of this hobby dates to early 1990s when toy manufacturers started making miniatures of MG sports car and Model T. With advances in manufacturing technology by the 1930s the replicas became even more detailed and has very close resemblance to the original car. This hobby of collecting diecast models of cars was at its peak in the late 1960s, when the models had realistic details along with outstanding interiors.

How can you start building a collection?

The choice of diecast model cars is a very personal choice and completely depends on your individual preference. Commonly, people have collections on themes like manufacturer, year of manufacturing, movies, etc. For example, a diehard fan of the movie, Batman would want to have a collection of Batmobile. You can pick any theme basis your interest, the only advice is that you must make sure that it is within your budget.

Important terms and terminologies:

If you are planning to create a collection of diecast model cars, it will be good to be aware of the various jargons used in this arena. Some commonly used terminologies are:

  1. Scale: Scale refers to the size of the model in comparison to the original vehicle. The commonly available main scales are 1/18, 1/24 and 1/64.
  2. Manufacturer: Manufacturer is the company that made the diecast model.
  3. Year: The year refers to the year when the car was on the roads or driven and is usually the year of production of the diecast.
  4. Limited edition or special edition: These are the diecast models which are highly sought after. These are rare and are usually produced after the manufacturing process of the last car in the run has been completed. They usually have some unique features like interior or exterior features, modified tyres, special wheels, etc.

What determines the value of a diecast model car?

The accurate evaluation of the value of diecast model car is very tedious and difficult. Some models are significantly more expensive because of their condition and availability. But, there are multitude of factors that determine the worth like size, availability, trends, manufacturer and condition. If a car is produced in limited numbers, it becomes rare and thus is priced highly. Market conditions greatly influence the price of diecast cars. For instance, if an F1 driver wins a championship or retires then their cars gain immediate popularity and thus lead to an instant jump in the price. The appearance or condition of the diecast model is very important to the collectors; the serious ones are interested only in ‘mint condition’ cars which have no visible defects or signs of damage.

If you are beginning a collection of diecast models, a guide will be very helpful to gain understanding and become more aware about how you can make a good choice. Enjoy building your personal diecast model collection!
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