Whiffer Sniffers - 'Meatball Paul' Meatball Sub Scented Backpack Clip

by Whiffer Sniffers
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Meatball Paul is one of 14 characters released in Series 3. He smells just like a meatball sub. He comes attractively packaged in a giftable clear container that is perfect for storing and displaying your collection.

Deliciously scented meatball sub backpack clip

Scent lasts over a year

Hottest new collectible for kids of all ages

Ready to clip onto a backpack, lunchbox, bag, so you can take your collection anywhere

Attractively packaged: perfect for stocking stuffers, Easter baskets, birthdays, etc


You won't find a more loyal friend than Meatball Paul. He's a sidekick that loves to tell a good story. Paul tends to tell one story over & over. It goes something like this: one day, he was sitting on top of a pile of spaghetti, all covered with cheese & then someone sneezed & he rolled off the pile of spaghetti & onto the floor....wait, have YOU heard this one before???

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