What The Actual Factual Game

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Get ready for a fun and memorable night in with your friends and family with What the Actual Factual, our hilarious new party game where the fake answers win!
Super quick to learn, this brilliant game will put your bluffing and persuading skills to the test, while you use your detective skills to try and suss out which players have made up an answer and who has the actual fact.
Material: Paper & card
Packaging: Compact card box (no single-use plastic)
Size: 12 x 19 x 3cm
Weight (incl packaging): 0.28 kg
Other info: Box contains: 100 fact cards, 9 fake answer cards, 10 voting tokens, 1 scorecard, 1 pen, instructions and lots of laughs | 16+, 3-10 players, 15-30mins to play

Here's how to play:
- Read the first part of the fact card aloud (the second part of the fact remains hidden). Many of these facts will make you say WTAF!?
- All players receive an answer card - only one random player has the actual fact while everyone else has to think on their feet and make up a convincing fake fact.
- Everyone takes turns to read their ÒfactsÓ aloud.
- Players place their voting tokens next to the person who they believe has the actual fact. This is the point where you need to convince people to move their tokens and vote for you.
- The actual fact is revealed. Players who voted for the correct answer win 1 point each. Players win 1 point for each vote their fake answer receives. First to 20 points wins the game.

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