Super Mario Bros. 3D Motion Notebook

by Paladone
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Enter the world of Mario with this classic Super Mario Bros. 3D Motion Notebook. A lined notebook with Mario illustrations at the bottom of each page, the front cover has a lenticular surface, depicting a classic Mario level scene with a great 3D moving image effect.

A great gift for any video games fan, this Super Mario Bros. 3D Motion Notebook is inspired by the legendary original Nintendo games series. The character Mario was first seen in the arcade classic Donkey Kong, and then in 1985 revolutionized the video games industry with the release of Super Mario Bros. Since then Mario has become an instantly recognizable icon of popular culture, and a fans favourite among generations of gamers.

The character of Mario has appeared in numerous critically acclaimed video games, including Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart, and Super Mario Maker. Mario has even had various TV series and his own Hollywood movie. So give any Mario fans in your life a fun power-up boost, and let them start making their own super style adventures with the most famous Italian plumber in town.

The Super Mario Bros. 3D Motion Notebook is an officially licensed product.

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