Spongebob Family Bingo


__ ARE YOU READY KIDS? I canÕt hear you! Ohhhhhhh, then this AQUARIUS bingo game was made for you. The set includes 18 bingo cards! This game not only looks cool but is fun for kids while learning

__ PLAYING OUR BINGO HELPS: helps kids while having fun! Children will learn and develop recognition skills, object and letter association, as well as concentration development. Spend time with young ones while having fun at the same time

__ FUN FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY: Our AQUARIUS bingo games are fun for everyone in the family, from the young and old to enjoy, however we do recommend ages 8 and up. Playable for 2-4 players.

__ OFFICIALLY LICENSED MERCH: All of our AQUARIUS Bingo Games are officially licensed, so you donÕt have to worry, youÕre always getting the real thing here

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