Sneakers Peekers

by Monkey Business

About this item
Fresh Air Keepers ! Sneakers Peekers are a fun and functional way to remove odors and smells from shoes and assorted footwear. Just place one bunny in each shoe and they will absorb the smells and freshen up the surrounding air ! They are perfect in size so their bunny ears peek cutely from inside the shoe.
Effective air purifiers not just for sneakers ! You can also use a bunny or two to refresh the air in closets, wardrobes , stuffy lockers, cars, gym bags and various storage locations.
These Bunnies are tougher than they look ! Don't be fooled by their cuteness - the Sneakers Peekers are made of durable plastic and silicone, they wonÕt easily break or chip, even if dropped. They close easily but firmly, so they work just as well if standing in a shoe, or lying at the bottom of a bag.
Each set of 2 Sneakers Peekers includes 4 bags of eco friendly activated charcoal. The activated charcoal can absorb smells effectively for up to 6 months. Place a bag in each Bunny and keep the remaining bags as replacements.
Refill kits for Sneakers Peekers are inexpensive and available from Monkey Business. Alternatively, you can also fill the bunnies with baking soda (just like their fridge based cousin - Chill Bill) , but if using the soda option please remember to keep the bunnies upright !

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