Sloppy Synopsis - TV edition

by Bubblegum Stuff
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Guess the 55 badly described TV show plots

Can you name the TV show from the dreadful description? 🤔

This TV shows game for soap opera and streaming lovers features 55 iconic modern and classic programs. And it’s your job to unravel the riddles, identify them and shout them out before anyone else!

If you’re unsure, there are hints to help you. But like the Emmys, in this TV trivia game, there can only be ONE winner! 🏆🏆🏆

So get your hands on Sloppy Synopsis: TV – the TV quiz that gives you the chance to show off your television knowledge and your ability to think like an idiot! 🥴

The ultimate TV shows game
Sloppy Synopsis is back! 🥳
With a TV trivia edition
It’s TV trivia questions… 📺 ❓
Framed like poorly explained plots 🙃

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