Schylling - Panic Pete Nee-Doh

by Schylling

Feeling a little anxious? No problem, introducing NeeDoh¨ Panic Pete Ð the zany friend that keeps you groovy and panic free! Give him a squeeze to watch this air-filled guyÕs eyes, nose, and ears pop in the wildest way. Available in 4 assorted bright colors.

¥ You NEED (KNEAD) NeeDoh¨ Panic Pete for air-filled sensory satisfaction
¥ Item Size: 4.5_ tall
¥ Squeeze it, squish it and watch the eyes, nose and ears pop!
¥ Enjoyable for all ages 3+
¥ Get some groovy good vibes in the office, car, at home, school or anywhere
¥ 4 assorted bright colors: purple, orange, pink, green

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