Schylling - Dohjee 3 Pack - Wave 2

by Schylling

The NeeDoh¨ Dohjees 3-Pack Set has even more friends to collect! NeeDoh Dohjees are little creatures with irresistible, interchangeable squish. Each Dohjee comes with a Teenie NeeDoh inside just waiting to be squeezed, pulled, and smushed. Easily pop and swap your Teenie NeeDoh balls to create all new variations. However you choose to manipulate these fun dough-filled creatures, you will experience an irresistible satisfaction that sooths your soul. This Series 2 has 12 new characters to collect and 4 exclusive glow-in-the-dark styles that can ONLY be found in these multi-packs.

* Get some groovy good vibes with this crew of NeeDoh¨ Dohjees 3-Pack Set
* Center blind box package of the 4 exclusive glow-in-the dark styles that can only be found in these multi-packs
* Item Size: 2_ W
* Easily pop and swap the Teenie NeeDoh balls to create new character variations
* Enjoyable for all ages 3+
* Irresistible, interchangeable squish
* 24 collectible characters in Series 1 of assorted bright neon colors and characters
* 12 NEW collectible characters in this Series 2 of assorted bright neon colors (and glow-in-the-dark) and characters


**Style chosen at random

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