Pac-Man & Blinky Comic Ons

by Fizz Creations

Introducing Comic Onsª, the collectibles that donÕt require a shelf. This new, Fizz exclusive brand, brings your favourite PAC-MAN characters to life. Use the included set of vinyl sticker to complete your scene, as you collect power pellets and dodge the pesty Ghosts. Create your own maze as reach a new high score!

These collectable figurines have a 3D front and a flat back, allowing you to stick them to the wall. There are endless possibilitiesÉ Simply peel the sticker on the back of your Comic Ons and stick to the wall. Comic Ons can be removed from your wall and placed in a new position when you wish to change the scene. To reapply, simply wet and dry the back sticker and place in a new position!

Pack of 2
PAC-MAN figurine
Blinky figurine
No shelf necessary
Reusable gel pads
A5 Sheet of vinyl stickers

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