Mustard - Fruit Cube Puzzle - Orange

by Mustard UK

The New Generation Of High-speed Cubes: it can speed up the resolution time without any effort, has a new mechanism, has faster moving speed, amazing cut angle and zero burst

Smart Cubes: Excellent engineering speed cubes can be smooth and easy to twist; each cube is pre-lubricated, finely adjusted and ready to use! It does not turn or lock as often as before. Improved anti-pop-up technology and structure for extremely fast and smooth turns

Suitable for beginner and professional player. Enjoy hours of fun with you family and friends. The fruit magic cube challenge your mind. Twist the fruit magic cube pieces to solve the puzzle. The fruit magic cube has many combinations. You can have fun with it, and not only one solution. Use your imagination. This fruit cube can come in many shapes

Inspire Your Imagination And Creativity: it helps train the brain, improve logical thinking and problem-solving skills, enhance children's memory, release adult work pressure, and help prevent older people from losing their memory.

The biggest fun of the fruit magic cube is that you could get the sense of achievement during you solve the speed cube, and the other combination are fun. It is great when you constantly go beyond yourself and refresh your records. Interactive toy, you could fix the cube with your kids to build a good relationship during yours gaming time

Ages: 3 +

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