Monopoly - Peaky Blinders Edition


Take on the risks and responsibilities of the Shelby Company Limited in this stunning new Peaky Blinders Monopoly.
A gangster family epic set in the lawless streets of Birmingham and beyond, Peaky Blinders is a BAFTA-winning series and one of the most acclaimed and beloved dramas of the past decade. It tells the story of Tommy Shelby, a gangster raised in the slums of Small Heath who returns from the First World War to seek a better future for his family Ð whatever the cost.

In this edition of Monopoly, players accumulate assets just like Tommy. From the Garrison Tavern to the Eden Club, from Epsom Racetrack to Arrow house, itÕs time to start building your empireÉ and make your rivals pay. Pick up Enemies and Families cards for unexpected prizes and penalties, and build houses and businesses to charge your rent.

ItÕs Monopoly like never beforeÉ by order of the Peaky Blinders!

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