Monopoly - Gold Coast Edition


The world's most popular board game is set to make waves in Gold Coast Monopoly!

2018 has already been a historic year for the Gold Coast, and this momentous occasion continues with the announcement that the city will celebrate its very own Gold Coast Monopoly.

Locals and tourists alike will be able to play the world's most popular board game in a way that immortalises their most loved Gold Coast locations.



  • Game Board.
  • Rules for play.
  • Monopoly Money and Banker's Tray.
  • 28 x Title Deed Cards.
  • 16 x Community Chest Cards.
  • 16 x Chance Cards.
  • 32 x Houses.
  • 12 x Hotels.
  • 8 x Tokens.
  • 2 x Dice.
  • 1 x Speed Dice

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