Harry Potter - Candle Light with Wand Remote Control

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The boy who lived
From an orphan boy living in the cupboard under the stairs of his aunt and uncle's house to a fantastical world of magic and mystery, Harry was never an ordinary boy. The only known survivor of the killing curse, Harry always exhibited signs of greatness. But despite all his extensive losses, he never stopped cherishing his friends and loved ones, and never stopped fighting for them. He might have done well in Slytherin, but he is a true Gryffindor at heart.

Light up your bedroom or home with this magical Harry Potter Candle Light! The 14cm (5.5") tall yellow candle shaped light is decorated with the Hogwarts crest, and is complete with an LED flame at the top and wax detailing down the sides. Try your hand at playing a real witch or wizard by turning the light on and off with the wand shaped remote control - there's no need for muggle methods here.

The Harry Potter Candle Light is a great gift for Potterheads and Wizarding World fans.

Candle light and wand: With a flick of a wand, light a candle and brighten your space. This set includes a remote control wand and a battery-powered LED candle featuring the Hogwarts crest
Remote control: Operated by a switch on the wand (or perhaps, magic), this candle light and wand set is the perfect light to keep on as you practice your spells or finish your Hogwarts assignments
Magical merch: If youÕre a fan of Hogwarts and the boy with the scar and glasses, this official Harry Potter item is for you. ItÕs made for any witch or wizard who loves the books and movies
Size: 14cm (5.5") tall candle shaped light
Powered by 5x AAA batteries (not included)
Officially licensed merchandise

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