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You sit down at the card table, your green plastic visor pulled low over your brow. You split a deck of cards and proceed toÉ fumble them with all the elegance of an ostrich on roller-skates. Sounds like you need an automated card shuffler!

Yep, if you havenÕt been blessed with the skill of shuffling or you just want to bring some authentic edge to your card nights, this card shuffler is right up your (ahem) street (right, poker players?). This card shuffler can shuffle up to 2 decks at a time with Rain Man-like accuracy, making sure you donÕt give your Ôjust luckyÕ friend any more of advantage by dealing them a hand full of picture cards.

Unlike money from a seedy loan shark, this card shuffler has no strings attached. It runs off 4 AA batteries, so you can change its location faster than lady luck can change her mind.

If youÕre tired of slapping clumps of cards together and calling it shuffling, step up your card game and order this casino-style card shuffler today!

ItÕs a casino-style card shuffler!
Can shuffle up to 2 packs simultaneously
Simply press the button to shuffle like a pro

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