Dumb Criminals Board Game

by University Games
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Dumb Criminals follows the success of U. Games Australia's bestselling game Stupid Deaths. From the same designers, comes a riotously funny board game that has you battling it out with other players, to determine whether a hilariously bungled crime is true or false!
Use your selected crew to collect cold hard cash as you move around the board, but watch out - one wrong move might land you and your crew in the pen.

Fast to learn, easy to play!
Highly accessible - mixes light strategy and luck.
Perfect indoor fun - host your own games night.
Ties into the ongoing popularity of real crime show and fiction
For Ages 12+, 2-4 Players
300 Dumb Criminals Cards
30 Crew Member Tokens
$170,000 in Play Money
4 Playing Pieces
1 Die
Game Board

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