Drawsome People

by Ridley's Games



Can you draw your friend as a vehicle? How about as a vegetable? These are just some of the questions that you'll answer with this hilarious game! 

Roll the dice to see whether you're simply drawing one of these famous faces, if you're drawing two of them getting married or creating one hybrid human from two of these celebs. The other players will vote in secret for who you've drawn. If they're right, you both get a point! 


The bonus rounds will have you drawing the other players as inanimate objects like fruits. If you can guess the person AND the fruit, there's another point for the artist and the observer! Winner is whoever gets the most points! 


It's an awesome game that rewards both creativity and the ability to interpret your friend's weird drawings so lacking skills doesn't mean you're out of the race!



  • Challenge your mates to a draw-off
  • Draw famous faces or your friends as fruit
  • A fun game to make you all giggle at the next party


  • Inclusions: 95 x cards, 71 x tokens, 5 x drawing boards, 5 x guessing boards, 10 x pens, 5 x cloths, timer, game dice, instructions
  • Ages: 11 and older
  • Players: 3-10 people
  • Measurements (box): 22.5 x 22.5 x 7 cms

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