Doppelganger Game


Doppelganger is our hilarious new party game of comparing your friends and family to the famous and infamous.
Featuring 100 celebrities and famous faces (some good, some bad), your answers can either win or lose you points (and maybe win or lose you friends too, depending on whose name you write down).
Super quick and easy to learn and play. Here's how:
Place the Doppelganger cards face down onto the table and flip one over. Using your answer cards, secretly write which player reminds you most of that person, for absolutely any reason (personality, looks, hair style, accent, name, eyebrows, fashion style, etc.) It really doesn't matter what the reason is, but you may be asked why). You can even vote for yourself!
Nope, it doesn't matter if you know the celebrity or not - you can base it on anything!
Once everyone has secretly written their names, all answers are revealed (prepare to be offended)

- Win 1 point for choosing the player chosen by most others
- Lose 1 point for choosing a player nobody else has chosen
- Lose 2 points for if youÕre the only player who chose yourself

First person to 12 points on the scorecard wins!
Who is your celebrity Doppelganger?

Material: Paper
Size: 12 x 19 x 3 mm
Weight (incl packaging): 0.327 kg
Other info: Box contains: 100 famous/infamous cards, 8 answer cards, 8 dry wipe pens (with built in erasers), 1 wipeable scorecard & endless fun! | Ages 14+, 3-8 players (the more the merrier), 15mins to play.

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