Cluedo - David Walliams Awful Auntie Edition


Take a trip back to Saxby Hall and the world of Awful Auntie in this unique David Walliams Cluedo.

Choose from Stella, Lady Saxby ðs Ghost, Lord Saxby ðs Ghost, Soot the Ghost, Gibbon and Oddmund Oddmund as you explore all of the strange and wondrous rooms of Stella ðs home, and try to solve the mystery of Wagner, Aunt Alberta ðs missing owl.

Who kidnapped Wagner, where did they hide him, and how did they do it? These are the questions you must answer in order to win.

Navigate secret passages to cut across the board, and make suggestions to force other players to prove you wrong. Once you ðve narrowed down the solution, move to your desired room and make an accusation! But watch out ð one wrong guess and you ðll be booted out of Saxby Hall forever.

Featuring unique artwork from the world of David Walliams ð beloved children ðs book, Awful Auntie, this new twist on a timeless game is bound to captivate players old and new.

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