Cards Against Disney™ 828 Playing Cards

by Cards Against Disney
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Cards Against Disney is going to blow your mind and all your Disney childhood memories. But don’t be too sad. For a dirty Disney date, hours of luscious laughter and bad behavior FOR ADULTS ONLY, this theme-card game will expand your Mickey Mouse and Toy Story memories with despicable Disney fun. 

Modelled on Cards Against Humanity, “Cards Against Disney” is all about using rude and vulgar language to turn Disney on its head to liven up a party and find out all the naughty innuendos that lie deep below Disney innocence, One card might divulge what Toy Story’s Andy’s mum’s secret really was!

This is how to play:

  • There are 828 playing cards in total. 260 red cards with white script and 568 white cards with red script.
  • Each round, one player reads from a red card and everyone, in turn, answers with their funniest white card.
  • And they’re very shocking. For instance, a red card might read: “To free the genie, all you have to do is rub _______________.”
  • Choose a white card and the answer might be: “the penis on the VHS cover of The Little Mermaid.”

 We’re sure you’ll love this game and we’re convinced that like in 101 Dalmatians, you’ll hit the spot with this one.

Not for the easily offended and sensitive. Unlike most party games you've played, Cards Against Disney™ is as despicable and as awkward as you and your friends.

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