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“Who’s the GOAT?” Meaning: “Who’s the Greatest Of All Time?” is the ultimate sporting debate. And the inspiration for GOAT: the speedy spoons card game.

We’ve gathered sporting legends and arranged them into categories based on their chosen sport: basketball, American football, tennis, soccer and more. We’re talking titans of their chosen field here.

The aim of the GOAT game is to collect a whole sporting category as fast as you can and quickly grab a trophy card from the centre of the table. That’s 4 cards from the same category before you can go for the trophy.

Get through the rounds to compete in the final, which is a head-to-head showdown. It’s the card game equivalent of sudden death. Be there first to grab the last trophy and the glory is yours. Runners-up, remember: if you’re not first, you’re last!

Can you bring home the “W”? #GOAT

Fast-paced spoons card game
Features 48 sporting legends
Collect 4 from a category and snatch a trophy
A highly competitive game for fanatical sports fans
Who’s the greatest of all time?

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