BigMouth Gigantic Hotdog Beach Blanket

by BigMouth

Don't be a weenie - ketchup on your tan!

If you think these buns are hot, imagine sitting down in the hot sand in the middle of July! We know you relish a good spot on the beach, and that a beach blanket is the best way to claim it. That old musty and sun-bleached towel you've been using since you were 8? Time to ditch it. It's too small and has more holes in it than a prairie dog colony. Talk about sand-wich! This 5-foot long Hot Dog Beach Blanket is just the ticket - and impossible to miss on a crowded shore. The included storage pouch makes a great beach tote, too.

  • 5 feet wide and ultra-soft
  • Perfect for the beach, pool, lake, concerts and more
  • The original! Often imitated, but never equalled in quality
  • A much more effective barrier between you and the sand vs a towel
  • Never burn those buns again!

Fun for all ages

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