Putting on an outfit does not have the difficulty level of solving a Rubik’s cube, but at the same time it is not as easy as counting 1,2,3.  A bunch of people may presume that guys have it much easier, and that all they have to accomplish is just throw on whatever they have inside their wardrobes and voila they are ready to go. This mindset is incorrect. Many men find it kind of tricky to dress for work and other social events. Dressing up is not as easy as it seems..


Socks are absolutely essential, and you actually cannot manage with them in your daily get-up, especially when you are sporting footwear with enclosed toes like sneakers, loafers, or perhaps boots. They help keep the comfort of your feet, and keep your feet dry and comfy the entire day. They are a significant and essential section of your clothes, so you have to waer them everyday


You also do not have to adhere to standard simple old white socks, and sometimes even black socks. You can opt for  colored socks, and sometimes even socks with casual patterns or maybe bold patterns, depending on your preferences. If you dare to be different, and choose for socks that are vibrant, daring, and bold. The right socks are essential, and if they fit your overall outfit, your outfit can look more "fit”. Keep on reading to find out how to match your socks with your outfit and basically wear the perfect pair of socks each time: 


1. Gradually build and grow your collection -- You may be included in one of the many people that might have a drawer saturated in just black and white socks. In case you are still doubtful about getting into the realm of patterned and colored socks, you can start with gradually expanding and growing your collection. Buy simple colored socks, socks with patterns like tartan, polka dots, as well as coloured stripes. .


2. Do not mix socks and sandals -- Socks are great for shoes with closed toes, but when paired with sandals, that’s a fashion faux pas.


3. Avoid pairing your socks with your tie directly -- You will look like you try too hard. Instead, try to match your socks with something else, perhaps your trousers.


4. Put on tonal socks when you are not sure what to wear-- You can make this as your go-to option when you have no idea what to wear. Whatever colors of your socks, they should closely match your trousers. Make sure the shades are a bit darker or lighter than the trousers you’re wearing.


5. Avoid exact matching your socks with your shoes -- An unflattering illusion will be generated from the exact same shade of socks and shoes It is known as the “bottle effect:.

6. Try to pair colored socks with lace-ups -- This is a great pairing idea, and it’s regarded as a match made in heaven.


7. Learn to wear socks based on where you are going -- You can go with bold and bright patterned socks if you are going to a more informal and casual events. Moreover, you can use more reserved patterns for work or formal events


Socks are the ultimate outfits add-ons. Keep in mind that they do as much for your outfit as your favorite good looking timepiece, any piece of jewelry, a pocket square, a tie or a bow would. Need some new pairs of socks with unique designs? Start growing your sock collection by browsing Cookie Jar’s socks collection here



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