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The Marvel Cinematic Universe may have come to an endgame, but not for all you marvel merchandise seekers out there. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has successfully stolen our hearts with their worldwide movie franchise. People immediately fell in love with every detail that they’ve come up with, from casting choices, incredible storylines, exciting actions and unexpected plot twist. They also give us a display of our all-time favourite superheroes such as Captain America, Thor, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the rest of the gang fighting against all the villains in the Marvel Universe. Marvel fans from all over the world have either own or wants an item that represents their love for Marvel.


Cookie Jar has a very exciting announcement for you. We invite you to our brand-new experience with our outstanding group of Marvel’s iconic superheroes. If you’re a die-hard Marvel fan, you can never miss out on one single cool marvel merchandise. From clothing to action figures of each characters, you must have a list of merchandise that show your love for Marvel. Well, fortunately for you, Cookie Jar will quench your thirst for amazing Marvel merchandise by releasing its very own special playing cards! This time, we have launched a Marvel-edition playing cards just for you. Imagine playing poker, solitaire, rummy, hearts, blackjack, or even Texas Hold ‘Em, you name it, with your favourite marvel characters. You can play it with your friends, your family or with other marvel fans out there. It is also suitable for various occasions, such as Christmas or maybe thanksgiving and make the best quality of your bonding time with your love ones and marvel superheroes.


Playing cards are certainly a great companion when you are with your family, relatives, friends, even when you go on a trip and you meet strangers along the way--playing cards can break the ice and be a great way to get to know each other better. Playing cards makes the brain think in different ways. There are a great number of games to choose from and they can be as difficult or as easy as you would like. Now you get to experience the joy of playing card games with your favourite iconic Marvel movie characters.


Not a big fan of playing any card games? No need to worry, you can still use it as one your marvel merchandise collections. Add up some more marvel stuff in your house and gain more of marvel team spirit inside you. If you know any other loyal marvel fans out there, you can also give this Marvel playing cards as a gift and make friends with them. There is no better gift for Marvel fans who love playing cards!


Here at Cookie Jar, we make sure to give you not just great, but marvellous experience with your favourite marvel superheroes. We make sure our cards come with the finest-quality of materials so you can use it in a long-term. As professionals in our field, we make sure that you only receive the high-quality cards on your hand.


If you are looking for a unique, fun and exciting gift that's a little left of centre then you have come to the right place! Cookie Jar stocks a massive range of design-led gifts, toys and collectables sourced from all over the globe, shipped to your door for only $4.99.


FAST DELIVERY Order before 12 PM AEST for same day dispatch!


Our playing cards feature heroes of the mighty Marvel Comics.  Now you can play with Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America and the rest of the characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Make your special occasions even more delightful, unique, and heroic with our Marvel playing cards. So, what are you even waiting for? Come aboard and let’s fight to protect the universe with us.


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