Whiffer Sniffers - 'Slippery Sam' Banana Scented Backpack Clip

by Whiffer Sniffers
Sold out

Slippery Sam is quick to make a deal, but his delicious banana scent gives this guy real a-peel

Banana scented clip (Scent lasts at least a year!)

Perfectly packaged in a giftable clear container (Perfect for storing and displaying your collection)

Ready to clip onto a backpack, lunchbox, bag, and more!

Kids love collecting and trading Whiffer Sniffers with their friends!


Born a salesman, Slippery Sam has never met a stranger. Slippery Sam sells slip & slides. Every now & then, Slippery Sam has a slip & slide sale. Because, when theres a slip & slide sale, Slippery Sam sells several slip & slides.

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