Whiffer Sniffers - Izzy Sodalicious Scented Backpack Clip

by Whiffer Sniffers
Save 50%

This fizzy grape soda scented clip really is sodalicious!

Grape soda scented clip (Scent lasts at least a year!)
Perfectly packaged in a giftable clear container (Perfect for storing and displaying your collection)
Ready to clip onto a backpack, lunchbox, bag, and more!
Kids love collecting and trading Whiffer Sniffers with their friends!


LOL! Izzy‰۪s bubbles always tickle his nose and you can hear his laughter wherever he goes. He‰۪s been known to laugh so hard that he sometimes blows his top‰Û_luckily grape soda is easy to mop. It‰۪s great to find those friends that make you smile, those are the ones you‰۪ll want to hang onto for a long, long while.

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