Risk - Transformers Edition


Risk - Transformers Edition Board Game

The Decepticons are invading Earth and its up to Optimus Prime and the Autobot forces to protect mankind. This brand new version of the classic strategic battle game Risk has been crafted to celebrate 30 years of Transformers and features beautifully crafted Decepticon and Autobot forces, a human army and some exciting additions to the familiar gameplay.

The game begins with a world occupied by humans, but the deceptions invade immediately. Mankind's only hope is the powerful Autobot forces who 'roll out' from the centre of the board. But the Decepticons have the advantage, as they can join the game via the four corners of the world and can take human slaves to fix and build their damaged troops. What's more, whilst the humans and Autobots always work together, the Decepticon's are independent forces and can choose whether to be allies or enemies. Both Transformers forcers are reliant on Energon to survive, and if the supply is depleted the game is over. So choose your force, decide your mission and play Risk: Transformers Edition.

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