Risk - The Walking Dead Edition


The Walking Dead - Risk Board Game

Grab your friends and a copy of Risk: The Walking Dead Edition and stumble your way through the zombie-ridden map, attempting to claim territories on a map, win bonuses, and eliminate your opponents by any means necessary!

What's in the Box?

1 Survival Manual (instruction book)
1 Game board
5 Group leader cards (Rick's Group, Greene Family Group, Governor's Group, Prisoner Group, & Walkers)
32 territory cards
28 event cards (including the "Overrun!" event card)
4 sets of survivor pieces (red, green, yellow, blue; 15 x 3 survivor units, 36 x 1 survivor units)
1 set of walker pieces (grey; 15 x 3 survivor units, 36 x 1 survivor units)
30 ammo crates tokens (20 x 1 bullet, 10 x 2 bullet)
3 guard tower tokens
4 grenade tokens
1 outbreak tracker token
2 black defence dice
3 red attack dice

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