Monopoly - Adelaide Edition

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Monopoly - Adelaide Edition

Hold on to your hats Monopoly fans - Adelaide is finally here in the form of the classic board game! Wander through some of Adelaide's most famous attractions, unwind with a glass of wine in the Barossa Valley, and hit up the shops at Rundle Mall! Take the keys to the city for a day and play your way around Monopoly - Adelaide Edition!


  • Game Board.
  • Rules for play.
  • Monopoly Money and Banker's Tray.
  • 28 x Title Deed Cards.
  • 16 x Community Chest Cards.
  • 16 x Chance Cards.
  • 32 x Houses.
  • 12 x Hotels.
  • 8 x Tokens.
  • 2 x Dice.
  • 1 x Speed Dice

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